Olson Laboratory 2016/17

Some rare happy moments in the lab.

Eric Olson, PhD

Principal Investigator
olsone@upstate dot edu

Mamun Rashid

Graduate Student, Program in Neuroscience.
rashidmd@upstate dot edu

Analysis of paxillin and Hic-5 focal adhesion proteins in cortical development.

Eric Zluhan

Graduate Student, Program in Neuroscience.
zluhane@upstate dot edu

Reelin interaction with cofactors in dendritic polarization and growth.

Josh Enck

Graduate Student, Program in Neuroscience
enckj@upstate dot edu

Biochemical analysis of ethanol exposed neurons, vesicular mobilization during dendrite initiation

Dandan Wang, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate
wangdand@upstate dot edu
Multiphoton imaging of ethanol exposure during early dendrite development.

Former Research Support Specialist

Julie Ritchie (2007) Dept. Cell and Dev. Bio., SUNY Upstate.
Ryan Planer (2010) Coll. of Health Prof., SUNY Upstate.
Judson Belmont (2012) Graduate School, Brown Univ.
Tina Campagna (2013) CGH, SUNY Upstate.
Ryan Curl (2014) Graduate School, Syracuse Univ.


Aditya Kaliath MS (2007) Medical Residency Program.
Anna Nichols MD/PhD (2012) Univ. of Miami, Derm.
Georgiy Yegiazarov MS (2012) Phleb., SUNY Upstate.
Tracy Powrozek Postdoc (2014) Adj. Prof., LeMoyne Coll.
Ryan O’Dell MD/PhD (2015) Med Sch., SUNY Upstate.
Zack Beckman Syracuse University (2007)
Benjamin Huang Syracuse University (2008)
David Carpenter Syracuse University (2013)

NIAAA funding

We are supported by P50AA017823, an NIH funded center for the study of developmental exposure to alcohol. For more informatio on the Center please see http://www.binghamton.edu/dearc/

NINDS funding

Support also provided by the NINDS R01NS066071 to ECO.

The laboratory is located in the Department of Neuroscience and Physiology at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York.

12/15 Postdoctoral applications accepted for multiphoton imaging projects. Please contact me at olsone at upstate dot edu if interested.