Congrats! Eric Zluhan

8/17 Eric presents his cell culture study at the Cell Biology meeting in Boston.

12/16 Eric submitted his first NIH grant, an F31 NRSA applications! The saga begins . . .

Mamun Rashid

2/19 Mamun will join the Bradshaw laboratory at Columbia Univ. for his postdoctoral work in neurodegeneration. Congrats Mamun!

9/17 Mamun’s paper on the cortical phenotype of the paxillin cKO is published in Development!

Dr. Dandan Wang

2/19 Dandan’s paper ethanol-dependent Src kinase inactivation is published in Molecular Neurobiology!

9/18 Dandan presents her work at the 2019 SFN meeting in Washington DC. 

2/7/18 Dandan is selected to present her work at Beyond the Doctorate Research Day. 

Josh Enck

11/18 Josh passes his qualifying exam! Now back to some DREADDful experiments!

6/18 Josh successfully completes all coursework for the Neuroscience program!  

Isabela Ramirez

2/19 Isabela has been accepted into several summer bioengineering programs for 2019! Now which one to choose ...

1/17 Syracuse University Chemical Engineer Isabela Ramirez joins the laboratory!

Welcome Caitlyn!

1/19 Syracuse University Neuroscience Undergraduate Caitlyn Murphy has joined the lab and will work with Dandan on the FAS project.

  • We are supported by P50AA017823, an NIH funded center for the study of developmental exposure to alcohol.

  • We are grateful for additional support from a Clark Pediatric Research Award and prior support from a grant NINDS R01NS066071